With our experience of many years both in active research and in the publishing industry, we can offer assistance at all stages of the writing and publication process, from deciding on the target journals and on which results to include to composing the manuscript, to interacting with editors and referees.

Typically, we work with clients on major publications aimed at broad audiences, beyond those reached in community journals. In such publication projects it is particularly important to communicate results and findings clearly, to put them into the relevant context, and to discuss their significance in a manner that also non-specialists can appreciate the importance of a given piece of work.

We help identifying the key story and the target readership. During editing, we work not only on style and language, but also provide suggestions for structuring the text and for connecting the individual parts of the manuscript. Our goal is to ensure a clear narrative, logical coherence and the sort of flow that characterizes papers that make a good read.

During this process, we work closely with our clients, to fully understand their goals, to give candid feedback where needed, and to explain the recommended changes. We can also offer specific advice for the interactions with editors and referees, both at the initial-submission and resubmission stages, and highlight post-decision options.


We help scientists identifying the most suitable grants for reaching their research goals, and assist in putting together applications that are clear, enticing and to the point.

We have experience with a wide range of European grants within the Horizon 2020 programme, in particular with ERC, FET and MSCA calls. In addition, we have worked with clients on applications for national and private funding programmes in Switzerland, Germany, the US and Sweden. Also, we have served on evaluation panels for Horizon 2020 calls.

In working with our clients, we bring in this broad experience. We discuss funding opportunities, provide our perspective on how to structure proposals, and keep a close eye on the alignment with call objectives and guidelines. During the editing process, we offer feedback on structure, coherence and completeness as well as on language, style and format.

Outreach material

Communicating effectively with peers is challenging, but writing for a non-scientific readership is typically even harder. Based on our background in both science and journalism, we provide guidance, feedback and ideas for reaching a specific target audience.

We work with clients on texts for a wide range of outreach projects, from flyers and reports to web content and subtitles for videos. We edit texts mainly for language, style and flow. If desired, we provide suggestions for display items, such as images, graphs and videos.